Why MBH?


 Reasons why you chose MBH as a conductive education centre.


The positive impact and improvements to Finlay because of his weekly attendance


Highly recommended by CAHMS – Hereford


From the minute I filled in the self-referral form I had excellent service/communication


Happy to listen to difficulties I am having


Staff push charley and get best results


To help my son reach his full potential which I believe MBH helps to do


Style of deliver – I have been to another CE centre and prefer the way CE is delivered at MBH


Their understanding and knowledge of dyspraxia



  • The services top strengths

Knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping children achieve their goals


Building children’s confidence


Inclusive environment


I bring my child 85 mile round trip every week – that speaks volumes


The quality of service, dedication of the staff and professionalism to each child


Reports/photo reports are invaluable – particularly when used as evidence to education-local

authorities and health services


The staff without exception are very talented at what they do, they have a good 

relationship with my child and have made a big difference to my sons everyday life.


Practical help which is reported back to me, great at listening and giving everyday advice



Personal Stories


I am a grandfather suffering from Parkinsonism. I have been going to MBH for the last 18 months. I have found conductive education helping me to achieve improvements to my posture,precision and range of movements and,when I get things wrong, a great deal of hilarity! The quality of  the service and professionalism of the staff and their friendliness is outstanding.The annual reports with photos are a great help.


  • He is now a confident child with friends. He looks forward to MBH sessions each week and is the first to ask if he can play with the other children after sessions on the MBH park equipment. His balance and co-ordination improvements have reduced falls/bumping into objects and subsequently injuries. We can only hope that he can continue to access MBH which has been so beneficial to his development, health and wellbeing


  • When he first started MBH he was a very tearful anxious child. His core was weak and his body movements were awkward and clumsy. Over the course of 3 years he has learnt to express himself verbally without crying so much. Physically he is stronger and although he is still clumsy he is more controlled and able to stop, think and start to do things in a calmer manner. All of the above have helped his transition to high school.


  • Her balance, co-ordination of movement have improved to such an extent that you would no longer look at her and realise she has issues with areas – strangers no longer stare!


  • Sessions help him to slow down and move in a more controlled way, be calm so that he can learn new things to achieve new goals. Everything is done is a fun way which makes it an enjoyable experience


  • The benefits to my daughter have been overwhelming at times. The fact she is able to stand for short periods of time independently and whilst at home she recently stood for almost 20seconds – had us in tears of pride ad joy.

  • Watching Alfie stand up on his own one day and saying MBH showed me how to do this – so proud that day. MBH has shown my son skills that I never thought he would be able to do, their commitment to their students is incredible and shows with great results.



  • Within the first 3 months of our son coming to MBH people have observed his walking being stronger and more steady. He loved it from the first day!



  • He has made noticeable progress since starting at MBH. His class teacher commented on the improvement she has seen in his stability and ability to participate in PE sessions at school