Megan Baker House (MBH) provides conductive education sessions for children and adults with motor disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Dyspraxia, Parkinson's disease, stroke and Acquired brain injury.
Through conductive education participants learn how to manage and deal with the difficulties caused by their condition to enable them to lead a more independent life.


History of Megan Baker House

Megan Baker House was started in 2002 by Jo and Dave Baker whose daughter Megan had the condition, Cerebral Palsy.


Megan Baker
Megan Baker

Need for the centre

Jo and Dave found Conductive Education the most effective method for Megan. However it was costly to take Megan to Hungary, where Conductive Education was developed.

They decided that a local centre in Herefordshire offering FREE services to all children was needed.


How it all began

Having received funding, a small Conductive Education centre with two disabled children in attendance was opened. Sadly, within a few weeks of the centre opening, Megan died. After much soul searching, Jo and Dave decided to continue with the work they began in memory of their beautiful daughter.


Megan Baker House looking forward

Today the centre is based in a converted barn at Moreton Eye, Leominster, Herefordshire. The relocation enabled the charity to accommodate the waiting list of disabled children wanting to access services. Such is the demand for Conductive Education at Megan Baker House, families travel from all over the UK and even from abroad.

Since its beginnings the centre has come a long way. It now offers Conductive Education to adults with Parkinson's Disease and stroke. The centre also ran a 3 year outreach service operating within Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire which finished in 2014.