Before we are able to provide conductive education sessions at MBH we carry out a thorough movement based assessment at our centre.  These assessments can last up to 45 minutes long and will allow our trained conductors to carry out a movement assessment with the participants and also it allows time to go through in more detail the assessment form that has been completed.


Prior to the assessment we require everyone to complete our assessment form, please email providing the basic information below which will then allow us to allocate and email you the most relevant assessment form.


Participants Name


Participants Age


Diagnosis (If any)


Any other relevant information


We are unable to let you know at the assessment if we feel conductive education is a suitable provision as we discuss it amongst the team and then a detailed report will be written. The report is then emailed out and will state at the bottom if we feel it is potentially a suitable provision.


Please note we are unable to provide a diagnosis.